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Our Mission

Our program aims to alleviate the tremendous personal, familial, and societal burden of mental illness and substance use disorders by using state-of-the-art technologies to identify molecular markers that can be used to develop new medications and tailor treatment to individual patients.

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At a glance

Our research is guided by the ultimate aim of reducing the tremendous human suffering wrought by psychiatric and substance use disorders.

We capitalize on the rapid advances in genomic technologies that are revolutionizing biomedical research and will profoundly influence health care in the next decade.

We operate from a strong multidisciplinary perspective, blending advanced laboratory, computational, biological, pharmacological and statistical expertise.

Since its inception in 2006, our program has been awarded more than $23 million in research funding from mainly the National Institutes of Health.

We consider biomarkers critical to better understand what is causing disease, find new treatments, and improve disease management.

As developing a new drug takes many years, has a high risk of failure, and costs billions, we also focus on precision medicine that aims to improve treatment by tailor existing medications to individual patients.


Karolina Aberg (PhD) and Edwin van den Oord (PhD)
Edwin van den Oord, Ph.D. Director and Professor

Founded the ’Center for Biomarker Research & Precision Medicine’ (BPM) at Virginia Commonwealth University in 2006.

Karolina A. Aberg, Ph.D. Associate Director and Associate Professor

Associate Director and Associate Professor


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